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Co-hosting UKBC 2024

Benefits of Co-Hosting

Co-hosting UKBC events can provide numerous benefits for organisations that participate: 

  • First of all, any organization can become a UKBC co-host by contributing £50, £75, or £100 to UKBC depending on their size and annual income. In return, the co-host's name and logo will be featured on UKBC's website, posters, and social media promotions.

  • Co-hosts also benefit from networking opportunities with UK-based organisations at the national level and beyond. This provides co-hosts with the opportunity to attend a wide range of events and activities throughout the year. Co-hosts can participate and lead in any event organised within UKBC platform. 

  • Co-host organisations run their own activities, events, and curriculums independently throughout the year in different locations of the UK without any conflicts with UKBC's annual convention.

  • In fact, UKBC encourages co-host organisations to network and collaborate with one another to create a more significant impact in the country.

  • Co-hosting UKBC events can also help small organizations to showcase their work and gain exposure, which can help them secure future funding. Furthermore, being a UKBC co-host can provide valuable experience in organising events nationally and globally, which can benefit organisations in running their own events and activities and in the funding applications by sharing the net outcome of UKBC.

  • Overall, being a UKBC co-host can provide organisations with numerous benefits, including exposure, networking opportunities, access to other events, and valuable experience in event management that can help organisations to run their own groups. In essence, Co-Hosts can be viewed as small sized sponsors of UKBC events. It also gives a sense of belonging to the convention. 


Co-hosting FAQ

- (Q) Can a UKBC Co-Host sell any product from their promotional table
- (A) No, selling items will be done only via “Stall category”
- (Q) Can a UKBC Co-Host will get an allocated time to perform on the stage? 
- (A) No, everyone must come via the rules and regulations of the UKBC’s Performing Arts
- (Q) Does a UKBC Co-Host buy the tickets to join the conference 
- (A) Yes

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